A Rich Blog – Unintended Perils of the Gig Economy

In The Boston Globe’s August 19, 2019 “Fine Print” column by Sean P. Murphy, a minor car crash turns into a nightmare. Basically, an innocent driver is struck by an Amazon-Flex food delivery driver, who is driving her own car. The Amazon-Flex driver is considered in the wrong by all parties; you would think this would be easy to resolve. The innocent driver went through the Amazon-Flex driver’s insurance company so the innocent driver would not have to pay her deductible out of pocket. As luck would have it, the driver did not notify her insurance company she was carrying on business in a personal vehicle. As a result, the insurance company for the Amazon-Flex driver does not want to cover the innocent driver’s expenses, including medical.

The Amazon-Flex driver’s insurance company is suing the Amazon-Flex driver, and the innocent driver is looking at a lot of expenses that she may have to pay out of pocket. The innocent driver has contacted Amazon because that company supposedly has insurance coverage for this situation; but the innocent driver has yet to be made whole.

What to do? The best thing is to add an under-insured/uninsured driver rider to your auto policy. With over 8,000 Flex drivers for Amazon alone; not counting numerous other companies using drivers moonlighting as delivery people; the risk for accidents and ending up in the unenviable position of this innocent driver, has greatly increased.

We suggest you contact your insurance agent today and add an uninsured/under-insured rider to your policy, if you do not already have one.
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