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Newsletter: July 2022

by | Jul 21, 2022 | Newsletters

What repeating thoughts (three times or more)
are running in my head?
What might these thoughts be asking,
telling or speaking to me?


In this issue of CK News, we offer the choice of a shift of attention.
We start with the first in a series we will continue in future newsletters, of invitations to wonder questions. Our intention is to offer a deeper experience of the Colman Knight tools and processes you become familiar with throughout your Integral Wealth Journey.


CK Journals:

An integration practice
for Initial Engagements and beyond


Our Integral Wealth engagements begin with a comprehensive immersion our first year together. We gather data, sort and organize financial issues, and prepare financial reports and what-if scenarios for optimal decisions. As well, we dive into meaningful conversations about your values, beliefs and what matters most – to YOU.

Your discoveries guide our process and the decisions that follow. While describing this process makes rational sense, it is in the direct experience you know by heart, feel, engage, understand and practice the dynamic movement of financial planning, and build new muscles that serve who you are and who you are becoming.

Tools, practices and processes, along with relevant conversation, are engaged to support you. One of the tools we offer you is a journal. Some of you are writers smiling with glee, some of you are not and shaking your head no! There is no requirement to use these journals; and, regardless of your yea or nay towards a notebook, we know the importance of practice and reflection opportunities to assist with integration.

Integration means many things. For us it means a skillful practice of bringing together new insights, knowledge, progress and your ability to benefit and embody those “aha’s” for future decisions and well-being. Writing (doodling, drawing, mind-mapping, scribbling) with that intention is one way of assisting with integration and growth.

Committing to our services and walking our talk, we are excited to bring new ways and invitations to use your journal. [For anyone who is wondering – what journal are they talking about? Or perhaps, my journal was filled years ago! – send an email to Emily and she will promptly send a new one to you.] If you are a writer, great! If you are not a self-proclaimed writer, fantastic! Our invitations are not about producing the new best seller. Our invitations are support for your integral wealth journey, wherever you happen to be on your life path.

Our intention is to offer a monthly reflection question you can “take to the page” if you choose, in your own way and time. In addition, clarifying articles about our processes with ideas for journal use will be included from time to time.

So, for now, as we give attention to integration, we offer this month’s reflection question, and a tiny practice to engage to get to the page. You have a month. No rush. No worry. No requirement.

What repeating thoughts (three times or more)
are running in my head?

What might these thoughts be asking,
telling or speaking to me?

Tiny Practice:

  • Write the above questions at the top of your page.
  • Follow the questions with your repeating thoughts.
  • Take three satisfying breaths allowing your exhale to be longer than your inhale.
  • Set at timer for 10 minutes (no more than 20) and write unedited your responses.
  • When the timer sounds, finish your last thought.
  • Choose to close your journal or read.
  • Complete your integration practice with three satisfying breaths as above.

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