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Newsletter: May 2021

by | May 20, 2021 | Newsletters

76 degrees, lovely strong breeze… New England springtime is peak enjoyment
(and its real estate market agrees).



This Month’s Theme:

Real Estate


If you have turned on the TV in the past year, you have seen commentary on high housing prices. The low interest-rate environment, more people staying at home due to Covid, and folks moving out of cities have all played large roles in the real estate market in the past year.

Buying and selling a home is one of the biggest transitions an individual or family can make and one of the questions we get asked most about as financial planners. Is now the right time to buy? Where is the current housing market in relation to the history? How can I make a competitive offer? All important questions, and we offer some diverse perspectives below.


How Today’s Real Estate Market
Is Different From 2008


Whenever we see a huge boom in housing prices, a naturally-arising concern is should we expect a massive crash. Well, the underlying set-up for the current market has an entirely different feel than in 2008.

Today’s market is propped up by lack of inventory or supply. It is unusually difficult to even get approved for a mortgage currently. This is the mirror opposite to what we saw in 2008, when we had sub-prime mortgages and everyone could get one, even if they did not have the income to support it.




Real Estate Contemplations from Carlisle

Since Rich and I are in the midst of a typical yet significant home real estate transition, I was asked to offer a few (not too many!) teaching points about what we have learned and are learning in our transition process. To be completely genuinely true, there are so many learnings to date, and since we remain “in our process,” I cannot offer just a few pearls of wisdom. Instead, I offer one question and exploration for you to reflect upon when the real estate you are contemplating is your personal residence.
Recall the feeling (joy, happiness, potential) when you first became owners of your personal residence. What do you remember?
How did you feel?
What were the dreams you held for yourself in that home?
Enjoy the trip down memory lane.
Now, be silent and still with today.
What are the feelings you experience when you reflect on the same home?
What is the same as your initial experiences? What is different?
Note the quality of your experiences now.
How many of your feelings are positive (joy, peace, love)?
How many of your feelings are negative (overwhelm, burden, fatigue)?
When the ratio of positive to negative experiences is skewed toward negative, even if you love your home and cherish your life in that home, it is a time to deeply consider transitioning to what is next for you and your life.
Then, the How of the process begins to take shape through your clear choices.
We’d be happy to engage this discussion with clients. If it hits home, let’s talk.


How to Buy a Home in a Sellers’ Market

For those of you who have decided now is the right time to buy, there are a few helpful tricks and tips to stand out from your competitors.



Buying Vs. Renting

The American-Dream story conveys that owning is the best way to accumulate wealth, but is that really true in all circumstances? It might surprise you that it makes sense to continue renting if you fall into any of these situations.

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