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Colman Knight’s clients are varied, and include business owners, couples with children, retired workers, the recently widowed, young inheritors, and others. Their portfolios and financial issues are also varied, and range from relatively simple to incredibly complex.

We guide hundreds of thousands of dollars for some, and we handle many millions of dollars for others. Our clients—their lives and stories, their hopes and dreams, children and grandchildren—become part of our lives. We don’t think about them as ‘the Smith portfolio,’ we think of them as ‘Jordan and Barbara, ’ ‘Lois,’ ‘Mark and Sue and Jack and Ruby.’

We take pride in our customer loyalty. Much of CK attrition is from natural causes; we then begin a new account with surviving family members. There are some clients not suited to an integral approach to money—these prefer an investment house focused solely on asset and financial acquisition.

We ask that our clients:
  • Have an interest in long term success and growth
  • Have a willingness to learn, grow, and take action
  • Be open to investments and ideas that support your values and life goals.
And we offer clients our commitment
  • To honor your trust with impeccable service that combines caring expertise and wisdom
  • To hold allegiance to your goals, rather than to any company, product, or service
  • To act as your fiduciary, treating your resources with the highest care and prudence
  • To care about your life; to be supportive about your hopes; to help alleviate your fears
  • To regard our relationship with you in the strictest confidence
  • To partner with you as you create a fulfilling dynamic life.

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