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At Colman Knight, we’re leaders in the cutting-edge field of Integral Wealth: a unique, cutting-edge approach to financial planning that recognizes “wealth is more than money.” Based on years of research and experience, this holistic practice maximizes your sources of interior and exterior wealth, empowering you to live a prosperous and meaningful life — whatever that means to you.

Our team offers expertise and insight, experience and wisdom. Our process is based in core principles, including:

  • The client comes first – The very fabric of our firm is organized to ensure efficient, effective, attention to your wellbeing.
  • Life is precious – A wealthy life aligns finances and meaning.
  • Long-term investing trumps short-term gains – We’re dedicated to creating sustainable wealth for our clients.
  • Honesty – Open communication is vital to a successful partnership.
  • Meeting you where you are – We dynamically steer situations to maximize impact and respond to the full spectrum of your needs.

We bring the resources and expertise of our entire team to each case, allowing our clients to benefit from a full spectrum of wealth management, from the personal to the practical. Our process is precisely customized for each individual client’s needs, goals, and unique circumstances. Together, we navigate the facets of your financial life most important to you, including: wealth management, risk management, estate planning, cash flow management, charitable planning and tax planning.

Our discovery process begins with an initial meeting, usually lasting an hour. Before that appointment, we’ll send you our proprietary Integral Wealth Questionnaire so we can make the most of the initial meeting and focus on the areas of your life that are most pressing to you.

It’s important to us to discover who you are, beyond the numbers: your values, hopes, and dreams all naturally lead to formulating specific, practical goals. We listen closely, opening an easeful space for conversation. We’ll address your immediate financial concerns and goals, assess your level of comfort with money matters, and determine how well your current money decisions are serving you. Together we’ll envision an integrated path to prosperity, vibrant health, peace of mind, and living your unique genius.

After our initial meeting, we confer, analyze, and create a proposal for you to consider. If you choose to formalize a client relationship with us, we’ll begin our integral process and outline a financial strategy specific to your personal, family, social, and life legacy goals. We meet you where you are — guide you to where you’d like to be.

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Interested by the inner work of Integral Wealth?

In addition to her services at Colman Knight, Gayle offers private Integral Wealth Coaching: a methodical, one-on-one exploration of the myths, emotional responses, experiences, and beliefs about wealth that permeate your life. Wealth is more than money: what does a meaningful, prosperous life mean to you? Gayle’s skilled, lighthearted approach to this investigation can transform your life into something truly wealthy.