Dec. 2018 CK News – Our most precious asset is health: in body, mind and spirit!

Our most precious asset is health:
in body, mind and spirit!

As we come to the close of the year, in addition to expressing good wishes for the holidays and new year, let’s contemplate our most precious asset: the body. Reflecting on the areas of life mattering most, and where to find the greatest return for our efforts, we arrive at the body. The body is where all of our experiences in work, family, relationships, community, and creativity take place. For 2019, Colman Knight is inspired to support you in giving attention to your W-Health.

While we might expect that as we age we decline in optimal mobility, weight, BMI, movement, and strength, that myth is dispelled by an “old” colleague of ours, Grady Cash, who at age 71 is breaking running world records! In high school, he didn’t qualify for the track team, and with a hernia at 50, was told he would never run again. Though we probably won’t become record-breaking runners, or even runners necessarily, giving new attention to health is a superb holiday present and investment for personal, financial and physical well-being.

Partnering with a wellness expert, Ben Wellenbach (introduced here) we intend to co-create and offer you a year of wellness! Join us for an online program, including a monthly video, to “uplevel” your current health practices. We intend to offer meaningful research and articles on health costs and practices for your current and future planning.

From an integral perspective, attention is given to the interior beliefs and behaviors of our health and wellness, and also to the exterior actions and strategies that manifest a healthy life. We, Colman Knight members, plan to participate with you, walking our talk.

We hope that you will be interested, if not delighted and inspired, to join our W-Health community. More information and details will be forthcoming. To show your interest (or not), please follow this link and take a quick, less than 5 minutes, survey to give us a show of hands who might like to participate.
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