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About the Client Portal

Welcome to your exclusive secure Integral Wealth Client Portal. Colman Knight Advisory Group, LLC is pleased to provide our clients with a new integral wealth management program to document your integral wealth journey. Specifically, the system illuminates your current financial situation, tracks progress towards your objectives and provides a secure data storage portal for your financial documents. Clients appreciate help organizing, simplifying and integrating their financial life. To meet your desires and enhance our services for you, we deployed a cutting-edge wealth management technology.

Portal Instructional Guides

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Client Portal Features

 Account Aggregation

Through one link, you access most (if not all) of your most current financial information. This account aggregation service provides up-to-date values of your investment accounts, retirement plans, bank accounts, mortgages, credit cards (even if they are held at different financial institutions). If you have on-line access to your accounts, it’s likely the information can be connected to your Integral Wealth Portal.

Private Vault

Organizing the vast array of paperwork can be a daunting task. Retrieving these important documents can be an even greater challenge. Your Integral Wealth Portal acts as a virtual filing cabinet (more like a private fireproof vault) for your important documents like tax returns, investment reports, estate planning and/or business documents, insurance policies, copies of birth certificates, passports, licenses, financial planning models and reports. These documents are easily accessed at any location domestically or abroad.

Secure Document Transfer

A secure portal for sending and receiving sensitive documents used in our work together, such as, account application forms, tax preparation forms, tax returns, estate planning documents and other information you want to maintain privacy.

Increased Efficiency

Your Integral Wealth Portal is seamlessly integrated with the financial planning models and tools we use to support your integral wealth progress and reach your goals. Questions and conversations related to data gathering and updates always remain a vital aspect of our engagement; but the process should be easier, more effective and save you time.

With your mindful participation, we are confident your Integral Wealth Portal and the dynamics it offers combined with our integral methodology, will become invaluable to you and your family.


For questions about our Integral Wealth Portal, call 978-371-2015.

To learn more about security, Client Portal Security Statement.


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