Meet Colman Knight: One of the Top Wealth Management Firms in Boston

The Colman Knight Advisory Group, LLC is one of the country’s leading independent wealth advisory firms.  In our 25+ years as a firm, we’ve honed our innovative, holistic approach to wealth, we offer a unique, customized experience you can trust.

What Sets Us Apart

Colman Knight is a leader in innovative financial planning, serving successful individuals, families, and firms with unparalleled care and dedication.

We understand that wealth is more than money — and financial success involves much more than numbers.  Our integral, comprehensive approach to wealth advising addresses the whole picture of your life:  who you are, what you care about, and what you most want.  We partner with our clients, considering your financial, familial, social, and legacy goals.  We recognize that the essence of a wealthy life * isn’t only about financial achievement — it’s about navigating complex or confusing structures, transitions and goals in a way that aligns with your unique values and passions.  We support our clients in creating prosperous and meaningful lives.

Our guiding beacon, in every decision, is serving the abundant evolution of our clients.  To that end, we offer support with practical and emotional matters, beliefs and behaviors, individual and collective issues — so you remain in continuous connection with your values and their real-life manifestation.  Our intensely customized approach offers a wider, deeper range of benefits than most financial advisors.

Colman Knight Members practice Holacracy: a cutting-edge operating system for businesses that encourages dynamic steering, flex/flow, and strict dedication to efficiency rather than titles.  What does that mean for our clients?  Whereas most financial firms assign one team member to each case, acting as independent silos, our clients speak with all of us at different times, depending on their needs and our unique expertise.  This highly efficient approach places the client’s needs first and foremost, and catalyzes the best each of us has to offer.  Our entire team is committed to finding the best way to serve your needs, moment to moment.

Colman Knight Advisory Group has consistently been named one of the Top Wealth Managers in the country by the Bloomberg Financial Report.  Our founders, Gayle and Rich Colman, have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, and the local affiliate to CBS news.

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Our Story

Rich and Gayle Knight Colman founded Colman Knight in 1988.  Our goal was creating a company that embodied what mattered most — to us and to our clients.

When we married in 1988, Rich was working as a lawyer and Gayle as a CFP® in a large institutional firm.  Life in Boston’s financial center revolved around long work hours, and a painful disconnect between work, money and humanity.  We were dismayed to find that at large financial firms, money was the primary focus — often to the detriment of clients’ greater wellbeing.

If we wanted to help clients build a truly wealthy life, we needed to walk our talk.  So we consciously decided to create a workplace that supported our passions and goals — while placing the central focus on the integrity of the client relationship.  We literally built our dream:  the Colman Knight offices were an adjoining building to our home, a mere hallway’s walk away.  We grew our business while enjoying family life with our two children: an integral balance of relationships, talents, and community pursuits.

From the start, we’ve advocated an integral approach to financial planning.  In addition to our professional memberships, we joined the Nazrudin Project in 1995: a collective group of leaders across the country interested in Money and Psychology.  We strive to bring awareness to the “money messages” people carry, and open new opportunities for financial advising by breaking through unconscious, detrimental patterns and beliefs.

Our abiding passion is attending to what matters most for our clients.  For us, this means integrating our legal and financial expertise, personal insight, and practical wisdom, empowering our clients to sustain lives of meaning and prosperity.

Colman Knight has grown and evolved over the years, expanding to a full-service, thriving organization of dedicated members.  We embrace evolution, and are committed to staying abreast of cultural, financial, and technological developments.  We embody this way of being by continuously refining those structures needing development and deepening our best practices.

The evolutionary purpose is blazing bright — and our clients remain at the center of our attention.

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