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Integral Wealth Questionnaire
Our Integral Wealth Questionnaire is a general data gathering tool created to facilitate the data collection process.

Integral Wealth Journey Through the Seasons of Life

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Privacy Policy

Information for clients and prospective clients.

NAPFA – The Power of Trust

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Electronic Documents Agreement
Agreement to receive documents from Colman Knight electronically.

Privacy Policy
Information and Notifications regarding our Privacy Pledge.

Colman Knight Legal Disclosures

Business Continuity Plan Disclosure

Information for clients and prospective clients.

Other Resources

Year of W-Health 2019: Movement Connects
Partnering with wellness expert Ben Wellenbach in 2019, Colman Knight co-created a year of wellness! These resources remain available for you to partake at any time. Our monthly practices as well as the video instruction are provided, to benefit your physical well-being—which of course touches the rest of life.

Aging Wisely and Emergency Preparedness
On 11/20/2019 we hosted consultant Annalee Kruger to present information related to aging well and emergency preparedness. Click the link for notes from the presentation and to view the 70-minute zoom program.

Audio Programs
Access our growing library of insightful and informative audio programs.

Colman Knight Articles
Our own articles, published monthly.

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CK Communiqué The Colman Knight Blog

Document Retention Guide
A handy guide to discern how long to retain various documents you encounter.

Organizations we are affiliated with

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc.
Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc., a professional regulatory organization, fosters professional standards in personal financial planning so that the public values, has access to and benefits from competent and ethical financial planning.
The Financial Planning Association
The financial planning profession exists to help consumers make wise financial decisions to achieve their life goals. FPA benefits the public by helping ensure that financial planning is delivered through competent, ethical financial planners.
The Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts
The Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts helps people improve their lives by emphasizing the benefits of financial planning. Our vision is furthered through a professional code of ethics, continuing professional education and philanthropic community involvement.
The Hendricks Institute
The Hendricks Institute is an International Learning Center that teaches core skills for conscious living. Their work over the past three decades has been to assist people in opening to more creativity, love and vitality, through the power of conscious relationship and whole-person learning.
Holacracy is a comprehensive practice for structuring, governing, and running an organization. It is a new “operating system” that facilitates rapid evolution in light of emerging reality by harnessing self-organization in a fractal structure. Holacracy takes the principles, ideas, and emerging mindset articulated by many cutting-edge thought leaders, and instills them in the actual structures and processes of the organization.
The Massachusetts Bar Association
Founded in 1910, the Massachusetts Bar Association is a non-profit organization that serves the legal profession and the public by promoting the administration of justice, legal education, professional excellence and respect for the law. The MBA represents a diverse group of attorneys, judges and legal professionals across the commonwealth.
The New York State Bar Association
The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA), with more than 70,000 members, is the nation’s largest voluntary statewide association of lawyers. The NYSBA has long served a dual role as an advocate for the profession and for the public. Often it is difficult to separate these two responsibilities, but during the last few decades with the growing complexity of society and our legal system, the NYSBA’s public role has gained both emphasis and breadth.
Sudden Money Institute
The Sudden Money Institute is the home of Financial Transition Planning, a new financial planning discipline designed to address the overlapping emotional and financial complexities of a life transition.

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