Jan. 2019 CK News – Physically, Americans are regressing

Physically, Americans are regressing

On January 1st, Rich began the year of W-Health by walking more than his minimum daily goal of 10,000 steps. In service of longevity, mental acuity and life enjoyment, he optimizes his health with movement, nourishing food, and positive lifestyle. Gayle mirrors those aspirations with daily movement in various forms – strength training for strong bones, yoga for flexibility, walking in nature for peace of mind, laughing (the best movement) to recognize the truth of what really matters, and breath, to shift into openness. All CK members share dedication to movement – Tricia trains with a group and a professional Trainer, Emily rocks kickboxing, biking, hiking, and yoga, and Marc walks regularly and lifts weights at the gym. And now, this month, CK ignites the Year of W-Health! We are engaged and excited to be participants with you.

Our physical health is not to be taken for granted—it is essential to optimize joy in our life choices. It goes without saying, but we will, it doesn’t matter what is happening financially if our bodies cannot benefit from successful planning. A recent article  describing the evolution of the Americans of our species bears highlighting. Perhaps regression is more apropos. Americans are not strengthening their stature with height and muscle. On the contrary, the research shows that we are becoming shorter while amassing more body fat. Our collective lifestyle is causing deterioration in our bodies. Given we have more data and information about how to make better health choices, it is disconcerting that we are – apparently – not making choices that increase our vitality and health. Click here for accompanying graphic, “Americans are getting heavier.”

The invitation to join a year of W-Health as a CK Community of care is not to shame or blame anyone. It is our true concern about optimizing life and well-being, in service of what matters most to you. Below is a link to respond to our call to play (our third call, for those have not already responded!) Those who choose to join will receive follow up communication with more details about our first Zoom connection with Ben, a private Facebook page to share experiences and receive more attention, and other goodies to make this year of W-Health the most satisfying and rewarding.

In the meantime, try practicing deep belly breathing as nourishing movement. Use it as an antidote to the angst generated by market volatility. Sometimes there are no more words and information to describe the external forces causing disruption. We take responsibility for our well-being where we do have control, and we breathe.
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