Dec. 2019 CK News – Instilling Discipline in Your Daily Life

Knowing the intensity and chaos that frequently accompanies the end of the calendar year, please pause and enjoy … simplicity in this article from Bob Veres.

You already know that life is full of distractions, from your phone, to email, to the Internet, to people who stop by to chat while you’re working. Successful people have developed a few tricks to instill discipline in their daily lives.

First: keep a schedule. That tells you want you need to focus on and accomplish each day. Record your upcoming meetings and appointments, log in the projects you want to finish, and then mark them complete upon completion—which will give you a tangible sense of accomplishment and help you feel more organized and disciplined. At the same time, set aside time for routine activities, like the early morning for expense reports.

Second: include exercise in your schedule. Physical discipline can help you be more mentally disciplined.

Third: know when to stop. The work will still be there tomorrow, and unfinished business is better than doing bad work. Move on to the next thing and stay on schedule.

Finally: don’t strive for perfection. If you chase an ideal, you will constantly feel like you’re failing. Be content with doing the best you can and move on.

Source: Forbes

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