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Colman Knight February Connection

by | Feb 15, 2024 | Bulletins

With joy and love, we extend a generous February welcome to 2024. It sort of feels like the beginning of the year with a swift January already passed.

The start to our year is cranking like fire, in a great way with email communications, telephone calls, integral wealth planning, tax preparation, and annual investment reporting. Along with these practical service areas you experience directly, we share exciting news of our business.

But first, we remind you that you are loved, giving a nod to the season of love, which according to the ancient Greeks, there are eight different types.

  • Philia (deep friendship)
  • Ludus (playful love)
  • Agape (love for everyone)
  • Eros (sexual passion)
  • Pragma (longstanding love)
  • Philautia (love of the self)
  • Storge (family love)
  • Mania (obsessive love)

Beautiful card – gift from a friend – rests on our bookshelf.


Drum roll…. Speaking of love, Agape love bursts from this furry fellow! We are delighted to announce a new member joined Colman Knight on January 1st. Our newest talent is unlike any other CK member and brings unique gifts to our service space. Toby is bilingual but doesn’t say much; he doesn’t need a winter coat, but he wears a nice tie; his favorite moods are happy, happier, really happy, and happiest; he dances on two legs, and he walks on four legs. Yes, Toby is a rehomed two-year old Golden Retriever adopted from a family in Brooklyn, NY by Knight, and his girlfriend, Nikki.

Some of you have already met Toby, who comes into the office three days a week. If you want Toby to join you in an in-person meeting, he is thrilled to participate. Otherwise, he will patiently and quietly rest in Knight’s office, unless Emily has claimed him in her office!

Along with welcoming our new talent, we are celebrating a permanent home for Colman Knight at 530 Great Road in Acton. On January 2, we closed on the purchase of the property becoming the new owners and landlord.

Four years ago, when we moved offices from Carlisle, we aimed to preserve the warm, spacious, inviting space of a home that held our sacred service and connections with you. Searching for the right space and finding the unique offices in Acton, we immediately felt the same kind welcome we intend for you to experience when you visit in person and for us to enjoy in camaraderie daily. Though our planning for a change in space was not “scheduled” for at least another year (just as you experience in your dynamic financial planning, so do we), the opportunity presented itself. We pivoted and made a choice to put a stake back in the ground for the organization’s long-term vision.

In 1992, Gayle and Rich were featured in a Boston Globe article highlighting the unique and rare practice of working from home. How times have changed! Just four years in operation, our calling and imperative was clear:

  • create a welcoming space for clients to relax, feel seen and held while addressing their financial planning,
  • build an organization devoted to the whole human condition,
  • be close and present for our growing family.

Now, 36 years later and counting, we are both proud and humbled the vision for Colman Knight has sustained the calling and continues to meet the evolutionary imperative.

Moving our offices from Carlisle to Acton January 2020, just before the pandemic, was bittersweet at the time yet holds a jolt of grace in hindsight because we had a beautiful place to work in person when we were able to do so.

To reflect on the stages of growth and witness the home of Colman Knight landing permanently in Acton is our collective joy and satisfaction.

When breezy warm and welcoming weather returns in the summer, we plan to invite you for a celebration. The lake is compelling, as well as an envisioned firepit for community gathering and conversation.

Until the spring arrives, stay healthy, expanding love, eating wise, thinking heartfully, feeling grateful, and appreciating we are living in this life together.

~ With love and joy from the Colman Knight Team:
Gayle, Rich, Marc, Knight, David, Nieta, and Emily ~


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