Finding and Energizing Your Why

By Ben Wellenbach, Year of W-Health 2019 Fitness Consultant

In April, I ran my first marathon. Running a marathon was never a bucket list item for me or anything I wanted to achieve. It wasn’t important. It was never on my radar. Hockey is the sport I played all my life – so unless the marathon included full contact, I wasn’t so interested.

Finding a more powerful and meaningful “why” changed my view and distain for running distances. Supporting my client who just lost his godson in a tragic drowning accident became the opportunity for me to become a better coach. I engaged activities in preparation of completing the marathon I would never have imagined, much less accomplished.

I ran in the snow.

I ran in the rain.

I ran in negative 10 degree wind chill.

I ran in the middle of the night.

I ran in the wee early morning.

You name it. I probably did it.

My why gave me a laser focus to my training.

During this period, my coach asked us a very simple question: are you more of an innie or an outie? Meaning, are you generally self-motivated or are you externally motivated? I am generally externally motivated, which does not mean I lack self-motivation. But we all gravitate to one or the other. Our why points to where we locate.

Reflect on the question my coach offered. When have you been successful? What was your driving force? Recognizing capacity is a way to repeat it. In the beginning of the year, participants in the Year of W-Health answered their why. Many responses included weight loss, improve healthy lifestyle, better health choices, and longevity. Periodically we revisit our desires and the why underneath the desire. Is it strong enough? Is it motivating? Does it resonate so that practices outside the norm are engaged to support lasting changes desired? These are reflections for all to answer, whether you are participating in the offering or not.

Movement connects is the theme of the Year of W-Health. Declare and supercharge your why to be laser focused – connecting your movement to life.

By, Ben Wellenbach

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