July 2019 CK News – Money Basics: Essential Practices for Millennials

Finances For My Daughter,
by Bob Veres

Bob Veres is a well-known writer and commentator in the financial services industry, whose Insider Forum conference we attend regularly. Here he speaks to his 20-something daughter, who, just starting out her work life, asked her Dad for “the basics” about financial planning, investing, and saving. The conversation became an e-book, which we are pleased to offer you [CLICK TO DOWNLOAD].

The dialogue and book were inspired by Bob’s daughter’s good questions, and countered by his ability to crystallize and simplify the depth of his knowledge in financial planning. It takes about an hour to read and may be of great help to your children, grand-children, other young people you know, or even anyone who hasn’t crossed the threshold to knowing from not-knowing, about the simple principles of investing, saving and financial planning.

As you are aware, after completing two years as an analyst at J.P. Morgan & Chase, Rich and Gayle’s son Knight Colman has recently joined Colman Knight. One of his strengths is personal connections. Being a 20-something himself, he welcomes conversations with your young loved ones, about getting started and laying the foundation to engage beneficial financial planning practices in support of a stable financial future. As the e-book demonstrates, and as we also frequently convey, the threshold to action does not have to be daunting or intimidating. Just a few basic facts and principles, leading to simple actions starting early, compound over time and facilitate freedom for life’s most meaningful pursuits.

The practical matters of finance are not rocket science, as Bob Veres states and we concur. Complexities arise when unique human circumstances require more than numbers crunched. Our integral approach allows for a deeper understanding and experience of money to be present always. But, for those beginning their money journey with few or no “bad habits,” these financial basics are helpful.

Enjoy, pass along, and encourage our youth to build savvy financial muscles.
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